A riderless Wyvern

The Wyvern is a special mount unique to the Reich des Drachen. It is only acquirable by completing the quest given by the High Dragon Priestess Khivachis, or by capturing one from a Wyvern Dragoner or Wyvern Riders.
Wyvern charge

Wyverns Dragoners charging into battle

The Wyvern is a very durable mount, with very high armor due to its tough skin and armor plates and an HP stat much greater than horses.

It is not particularly fast or maneuverable because of the difficulty of properly taming the beast, however charging it into a blob of wounded enemies is a great way of racking up quick knock-outs. If the player is lucky enough to capture a Wyvern from an enemy party, the exotic beast can be sold for a very high price at most markets around Perisno.

Stats Edit

Horse Armor Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding True Value
70 44 35 58 250 4 60000

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