I was playing as an Geldarian noble for awhile, and then I attempted to besiege a city; and then, it struck me. A salvo of arrows that physically pushed me back to the point where I literally could not move without my shield out. After failing miserably, I decided to make a character with a few hundred thousand strength and 1500~ Agility, to see what would happen, for shits and giggles. The result; I was again, unable to move. My high-tiered Geldarin army was instantly cut down, and I sat there looking stupidly at my screen. After sitting there, staring at the screen for what I percieved to be eons, I thought "Hey, what if I moved with the 1500+ agility I had given the character". Brilliant, right? Well, after some difficulty and 2-3 broken shields, I managed to slightly change my location, only to be confronted by a solid wall of enemy troops. I thought "Hey, my Ancient Golden Warblade and 111,000 Strength will cut through them like butter"..... Or so I thought. I moved towards the front of the enemy, found a few shiny ones, and started hacking away at them. In the process, the rest of the garrison started firing at me, disabling me again to the point where I could not move. This continued until I was 'eventually' (In the process of about 2 seconds) knocked off the wall by the constant blowback of the arrows.
20170316155340 1

After awhile, some of the arrows fortunately disappear


they are op!11! pls nerf
20170316161454 1

At this point, I was wonder how they had not run out of arrows...

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