The Reich des Drachen is one of the major factions of Perisno. They occupy the snowy lands to the northeast, and are bordered by Drahara to the south, the Kingdom of Tolrania to the southwest, and Maccavia to the west. They are led by Kaiser Otto IV.


The people of Reich des Drachen came from a land far away from Perisno. It is said that real dragons lived in their homeland, or used to. Their homeland was called the Isle of the Dragon, and reportedly it was a vast continent, where many strange and exotic creatures lived. Reichers are a very mysterious group, and almost nothing at all other than where they came from is known about them. They arrived at Perisno in the year 363, and it was clear that their intentions was not to trade, but to conquer. They brought a huge armada with them, deploying thousands of soldiers into Perisnoan soil. They quickly colonized some native cities and changed them into large, industrial metropolises. They also built fortresses and fortifications of tremendous size in what was soon "their territory" and soldiers patrolled the borders regularly. All the other factions were wary of this new threat, and were afraid to act. They had heard reports from their spies that real dragons accompanied the Reich people, although this fact is still disputed, for the Reich have yet to reveal them. The Dragon Priests of the Reich spread across Perisno, preaching their faith to all. It is said that the leader of the Dragon Priests wants to be king, although he needs more men to help him. 


The Drachen government is a monarchy, and their mysterious emperor rules through divine right. He says that the dragon gods have proclaimed him king, and it is his right to rule the world under the gods. His right hand man is the mysterious High Priest of the Dragon. It is rumored that the High Priest is plotting to overthrow the emperor who he thinks is unworthy. He is looking for a capable mercenary or adventurer to help him.



The Reich have a strong military, composed of infantry, spearmen, and heavy cavalry. It is rumored that their noble troops ride real dragons. They are a disciplined force that will not run, under any circumstances.

A guide to the Reich des Drachen's troops can be found here.

Reich Troop Tree




  • Bulugha Castle
  • Nelag Castle
  • Jeirbe Castle
  • Slezkh Castle
  • Ismirala Castle
  • Yruma Castle
  • Radoghir Castle
  • Dramug Castle


  • Lagenbruck
  • Unterhaid
  • Rossenberg
  • Ziering
  • Horitzdorf
  • Vogeltenne
  • Wittinghausen
  • Bebbanburg
  • Krumau
  • Teufelstein
  • Breitenschlag
  • Ruckendorf
  • Reichenau
  • Hodlwald
  • Mistelholz-Kollem
  • Angern
  • Kohlgruben
  • Tadamesh
  • Liebesdorf