Cavalry Troop Tree of the Realm of The Falcon

The Realm of the Falcon´s troop composition usually consists solely of cavalry units. This causes their strength to lie in their quantity and continuous cavalry charges on the opponents flanks or direct centre. Their clear weakness lies in the fighting on hilly or mountaineous terrain or facing dense rows of anti cavalry units/infantry like the Hakkon Imperial Spearman. Therefore an army consisting solely of Realm of the Falcon unit tend to be rather unbalanced. Nevertheless the Realm of the Falcon units make a great addition to the players army, especially if fighting on flat terrain.

Troops Edit

The Realm of the Falcon consists of 4 troop trees:

Cavalry Troop Tree Edit

Infantry Troop Tree Edit

Archer Troop Tree Edit

Noble Troop Tree Edit

Tactics Edit

The player should utilise Realm of the Falcon units in conjunction with infantry units from other factions. Falcon Units make up for great rushing forces and can counter the feared Redwood Nation archers with ease on the field due to their flexibility and continous charges. The fact that most of their high tier units are equipped with powerful maces should also make up for an effective counter against shield units, as well as an easy way to aquire many live captives. Be sure to prevent your Falcon units from fighting on mountainous/ hilly terrain, charging through riversides and on fighting during bridge battles. These territory predominantly exist around Valahir Clan territory, Maccavia territory and Reich des Drachens territory.

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