Achievements are special badges awarded for contributions to this Wiki.

They are awarded automatically and apply only to contributions made after they were enabled on the 1st of November, 2011. Badges cannot be revoked or manually awarded.

Do not repeatedly make useless edits to the wiki in an attempt to win more badges, or you may have your account temporarily suspended.

To view the current rankings, see the Leaderboard.


The following is a list of all possible Achievements:

Badge Title Value Requirement
Badge-welcome Glory Seeker Bronze
(10 points)
Joining the wiki
Badge-introduction Introduction Bronze
(10 points)
Editing your user page
Badge-sayhi Tavern Visitor Bronze
(10 points)
Adding to someone else's talk page
Badge-edit-0 Recruit Bronze
(10 points)
Making 1 edit
Badge-edit-1 Militia Bronze
(10 points)
Making 5 edits
Badge-edit-2 Footman Bronze
(10 points)
Making 10 edits
Badge-edit-3 Warrior Silver
(50 points)
Making 25 edits
Badge-edit-4 Man at Arms Silver
(50 points)
Making 50 edits
Badge-edit-5 Cavalry Silver
(50 points)
Making 100 edits
Badge-edit-6 Darkforest Cavalry Gold
(100 points)
Making 250 edits
Badge-edit-7 Runed Knight Gold
(100 points)
Making 500 edits
Badge-picture-0 Tinkerer Bronze
(10 points)
Adding 1 picture to pages
Badge-picture-1 Apprentice Bronze
(10 points)
Adding 5 pictures to pages
Badge-picture-2 Crafter Bronze
(10 points)
Adding 10 pictures to pages
Badge-picture-3 Smith Silver
(50 points)
Adding 25 pictures to pages
Badge-picture-4 Artisan Silver
(50 points)
Adding 50 pictures to pages
Badge-picture-5 Designer Silver
(50 points)
Adding 100 pictures to pages
Badge-picture-6 Architect Gold
(100 points)
Adding 250 pictures to pages
Badge-picture-7 Master Gold
(100 points)
Adding 500 pictures to pages
Badge-category-0 Pilgrim Bronze
(10 points)
Adding 1 page to a category
Badge-category-1 Monk Bronze
(10 points)
Adding 5 pages to categories
Badge-category-2 Cleric Bronze
(10 points)
Adding 10 pages to categories
Badge-category-3 Priest Silver
(50 points)
Adding 25 pages to categories
Badge-category-4 Crusader Silver
(50 points)
Adding 50 pages to categories
Badge-category-5 Zealot Silver
(50 points)
Adding 100 pages to categories
Badge-category-6 Holy Champion Gold
(100 points)
Adding 250 pages to categories
Badge-blogpost-0 Wandering Bard Bronze
(10 points)
Writing 1 blog post
Badge-blogcomment-0 Troubadour Bronze
(10 points)
Comment on 3 different blog posts
Badge-blogcomment-1 Ashik Silver
(50 points)
Comment on 10 different blog posts
Badge-love-0 Loyal Recruit Silver
(50 points)
Contributing every day for 5 days
Badge-love-1 Soldier Gold
(100 points)
Contributing every day for 14 days
Badge-love-2 Hardened Gold
(100 points)
Contributing every day for 30 days
Badge-love-3 Veteran Gold
(100 points)
Contributing every day for 60 days
Badge-love-4 Elite Gold
(100 points)
Contributing every day for 100 days
Badge-love-5 Hero Gold
(100 points)
Contributing every day for 200 days
Badge-love-6 Ruler of Perisno Platinum
(250 points)
Contributing every day for 365 days
Badge-luckyedit Lucky Edit Gold
(100 points)
Awarded on every 1000th edit
Badge-pounce Frenzy Silver
(50 points)
Making edits on 100 pages within an hour of the pages' creation
Badge-caffeinated Berserker Silver
(50 points)
Making 100 edits in a single day
Badge-creator Lord of Faith Gold
(100 points)
Founding the wiki

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