Nox of Zephilli is a unique spawn and the divisive leader of the Perisno Pilgrims.

Background Edit

Nox comes from the mountainous areas of Perisno known as the Zephilli. He grew up as a prodigy in the art of the sword, and one day came upon a set of Perisnoan Rune Armor in a cave in the mountains near his home. Upon donning the armor, he felt invigorated, and feverishly convinced that he was the Perisnoan king foretold in the tales of his childhood. He met a man called the Prophet, and they soon become friends. At the age of seventeen, he had gathered a massive army of zealous Perisnoan followers. He now wanders the land, fighting anyone who dares challenge his authority.

Army Edit

Nox of Zephilli's party spawns with the following troops:

Total size: 301-401 men

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