Nisaynia Legacy 1

Nisaynian's Legacy

Nisaynian's Legacy is a sword wielded by Clan Chief Rafklazan, leader of the Nisaynian Rafkla Clan

The sword was crucial to Rafklazan's rise to power. Through it, he dominated a large amount of Nisaynia and destroyed rival clans. Even the Volheere raiders were afraid of him. However, while leading a sea raid, Rafklazan and his entire fleet was blown entirely off course, deep into the open sea. Rafklazan and his people endured and eventually found themselves in a new land, Perisno.  


Nisaynian Legacy
Nisaynian's Legacy is a very powerful sword, with a swing damage of 56c and thrust of 33p. It is a very dangerous weapon and second only to the Dreaded Sword and Flamebringer. Nisaynian's Legacy is a legendary sword and only wielded by one troop in the entire game, Rafklazan. It is almost impossible to loot in 0.5, even if you do manage to defeat Rafklazan. In 0.7 after you defeat Rafklazan you can take the sword from him. It also says in blue text that the sword gets sharper with time, however this doesntt actually increase stats the more you use it. As of 0.722, damage (swing) is actually improved through use.