Maccavian Heavy Marksman


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Maccavian Heavy Marksmen are sixth-tier troops of Maccavia.

Wielding the mighty Bladed Crossbow, the most powerful crossbow in all of Perisno, these crossbowmen will hurt anything and anyone living upon the land, no matter what armour they are wearing.

A volley from these crossbowmen will deal incredible damage to heavily armoured troops, and without proper cavalry support, infantries will get decimated under the incredible power of these crossbowmen.

However, the Maccavian Heavy Marksmen are not good at melee, and if any melee-oriented troops managing to get into contact distance with these crossbowmen will surely wreck havoc upon them, therefore players should protect these crossbowmen with infantries of their own, or mix them up with some Maccavian Knights of Steel to form a deadly line of archers.

The Maccavian Heavy Marksmen shines in sieges, as there are plenty of near-stationary troops for these crossbowmen to lay waste upon, and can cause massive casualties upon the attackers unless countered with archers of their own. Even then, however, these crossbowmen can outperform even the Elintorians if given the right cover and vantage points.

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