Maccavia is the faction with perhaps the best defensive troops. All troop tiers are better armored than the other factions. With very heavily armored Crossbowman and Infantry, breaking into the wall of a Maccavia castle will be a challenge.

Troops Edit


Household troops:

Other troops:

Noble TroopsEdit

Starting in 0.6, the noble recruitment is available from town and castle. Also, since town has relationship point, the amount of the recruited noble will increase along with relationship point. Maccavia nobles start as Maccavian Squires. Along with the Kingdom of Perisno these squires have 2 upgrade paths. The first is the Knight of Steel, a super powerful infantry ready to crush every enemy. The other is the Black Knight, a cavalry fighter that is less powerful than the Knights of Steel but has a powerful horse to help them reach the enemy faster and maul them down.


While other factions like Drahara or Reich des Drachen depends heavily on attacking power, Maccavia has a rather laid back strategy. Crossbowman simply can outrange most archers, and is powerful enough to make a difference with every accurate hit. And the wall of Swordmaster - Northguard - Halberdier can hardly be penetrated by cavalry charge, or infantry clash. The best way to ultilize a Maccavian army is to set up Crossbowman in high and clear position while the infantry is below guarding them, and embrace the incoming enemies with rain of bolts and hurlbats.

Or, if some player wants, Maccavian noble troops; their Knights of Steel and Black Knights, are incredible troops which players can field in massive numbers. Unlike Elintorian Rangers or other top tier troops, players can obtain hundreds of these elite units in mere days, and a cavalry charge of over 100 Black Knights, supported by long range fire from the Knight of Steels, can steamroll any army any lord cares to field.

Unique FeatureEdit

Very diverse troop tree, with the strongest crossbowman in all of Perisno, and very fast mounted crossbowman as well.

Maccavian Recruits and lower tier are excellent troops, often outmatch other low tier troops.

Overall, their cavalry is their weakness. While their cavalry is good, it is limited to only Black Knights and Mounted Marksmen, although players wouldn't find this much of a problem, as Black Knights are extremely effective cavalry which rivals Drachenritters and Perisno Great Knights, therefore fighting cavalry with cavalry is still a valid strategy with the Black Knights.