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Kingslayer is a legendary sword in Perisno.

It was wielded by Thyceo, one of the great Perisno emperors, he slayed Seven kings with his sword hence the name "Kingslayer" was given to it.

Stats Edit

Sword has Swing of 50c, Thrust of 50p, speed of 110, and a reach of 117. It is weaker compared to other legendary swords.

Quest for Kingslayer Edit

  1. To get the sword you must complete a quest which is given by Targith, the great Bard in Amarna. This quest is different because it does not show in note to where to go( No longer the case as of 0.8).
  2. After accepting the quest go to Grunwalder Castle (Waal Castle as of 0.8) to the lord's hall. There you will meet the unusual hermit. if you chose to lie to him the quest will fail.
  3. After you talk to the unusual hermit you have to go to Vyincourd Castle's (Westry Caslte in 0.8) lord's hall and meet with Galine , if you chose to lie to him the quest will fail.
  4. You have to go to Hrus Castle's (Harrath Castle in 0.8) lord's hall and meet Priest Calain. Then he will ask you to kill him , if you say " I am not an Assassin" the quest will fail.
  5. You have to go to Wotin Castle's lord's hall and meet Sekr Frosttounge. You have to ask him to fight you. His army will appear outside the castle and you have to defeat them (50-100 high tier infantry units as of .72) to continue the quest.
  6. After defeating Sekr Frosttounge you have to go back to Targith the great Bard in Amarna and get the sword from him.
  7. V 0.71 you find Targith the great Bard in Shariz.

Trivia Edit

  1. The lettering on the side says "Kingslayer" in Arabic.

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