Perisno Kingdom

Example of Kingdom of Perisno (Crimson/Dark Red Faction)

The Kingdom of Perisno is the final faction that will emerge within the land of Perisno, carrying the name and will of the ancient. This faction will be formed once the player becomes a monarch under his/her own name.


History records it as the one true kingdom within the land of Perisno. This kingdom was once a glorious and prosperous empire until it suddenly collapsed, most likely due to internal power struggles. Given the current state of war within the land today, the return of the Perisno Empire is most likely a pitiful and vain dream, nigh impossible.

However, within the mountains that border Hakkon and Drahara, an ancient ruin remains from the former mighty Perisno Empire. The Third Legion, a noble group of descendants of the ancient empire, still roam the land, opposing every faction and force with hope of reforming the empire and returning it to their ancestors' former glory.

Another group that wishes for the empire's return are the Perisno Pilgrims, a group of people who are also descended from the ancient empire. These "Pilgrims", unlike the Third Legion, are descendants of the common people of the Perisno Empire. They wish for the kingdom's peaceful rebirth, and unlike their noble counterparts, they search for a hero with the skills and determination to raise it from the ashes.


Perisno is a flexible nation, in which policy may be determined by the ruler. It can be either the King/Queen of Perisno or the Perisno Republic. The ruler can create justice and prosperity for the people or bring cruelty and despair for ages to come.


  • Player (ruler)
  • Turning companion into vassals (companion will remain as vassal afterward, never return as party member)
  • Recruit vassals from other factions by persuasion
  • Vassals from other factions that leave to join the Perisno faction



Kingdom of Perisno Troop Tree

A more detailed discussion about Kingdom of Perisno military forces can be seen here.



  • Any town that captured from other factions (the first captured one becomes the court, if a town is the first conquered and not a castle).


  • Any castle that captured from other factions (the first captured one becomes the court, if a castle is the first conquered and not a town).


  • The villages that connected to the captured town or castle.

Special FeatureEdit

There are 2 vassals eligible to be wed by male player characters. The 2 vassals are Princess Linthradil of Redwood and Princess Birgit of Reich. These marriage will allow player to ask his wife to rebel to join her husband's kingdom or ask her to rebel and became leader of her own kingdom. By choosing the second option the Kingdom of Perisno will be formed, and player will become the first vassal of the kingdom as well as marshal of the Kingdom. Marrying either princess can take a while, but both of them have good chance to be Good-Natured/Upstanding, if they have any of these personality, raise honor to raise their relationship with them easily, at 20 relation points they will accept player's proprosal.