King Rafklazan is a unique spawn and the leader of the Ukundu.

Background Edit

King Rafklazan was not born to the Ukundu people, in fact be began his life as a Volheere Raider on the other side of the continent of Nisaynia. It was not until later in his life, when he had split off from the Volheere to form the Rafkla Clan, that Rafklazan had his first contact with the Ukundu. Upon discovering the Ukundu on a long-winded raiding voyage that took the Rafkla Clan's forces way off the beaten path, Rafklazan developed a deep admiration for the quirky but ferocious Ukundu culture. Eventually, Rafklazan found himself spending more time learning the ways of the jungle than with his own clan, and one day he decided to officially forfeit his lead of the Rafkla Clan in favor of assimilation into the Ukundu people.

Many years later, the long-ruling King Ukundu passed away and there was no clear line of succession for who was to follow. King Rafklazan saw this as his chance to once again rise to prominence on the continent of Nisaynia, and took control of the Ukundu. Now confident in his hold on his homeland, Rafklazan looks to expand his influence and power by bringing a force of his best warriors down like a hammer on the lands of Perisno.

Army Edit

Total size: 321-701 men

Drop Edit

Nisaynian's Legacy

Two-Handed Sword

Weight: 2.3

Swing: 56c

Speed rating: 105

Weapon reach: 120

Requires strength: 13

The long lost treasure of Nisaynian people, a relic sword that gets sharper with time.

It holds the symbol of a true ruler, said to have once belonged to the first ruler of Nisaynia.

  • (0.81) It can be looted multiple times thus it is not unique.

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