Coat of arms of Geldar

Geldar is one of major factions of Perisno. It occupies the forested peninsula to the west of Elintor, and it is also bordered by the Aroulo Ojibwakan to the west across the channel. It is led by Geldarin King Rhinio.



Geldar's lands

The Geldar Elves are an offshoot of the Elintor Elves that inhabit a small peninsula below the Elintor capital, Forniron. They are a strange group and no one knows the exact reason for their split. Some say it was because of a civil war, others say it was because Geldar being a completely different species of Elves who felt they were being treated like a minority. In any case, they hate Elintoran elves and at the start of the game are always at war with them.
Like the Elintor Elves, the Geldar Elves are masters of archery.


Geldarin elves are ruled by the mysterious Geldarin King Rhinio.




Geldar Troop Tree


Household troops:

In comparison to Elintorin soldiers, Geldarin troops are slightly better in melee but also slightly worse in archery. Their common troop tree only has one cavalry unit (Geldarin Forest Wardens - very proficient horse archers), but their nobles also fight mounted.
Unlike Elintoran Highelf Wardens and Sentinels, Geldarin nobles prefer not to use ranged weapons at all, being masters of melee combat, riding heavy steeds and relying on their sharp swords, always charging first into battle rather than staying behind the backs of commoners. Their bravery greatly inspires other soldiers.
Apart from regular lords, patrols, nobles' parties etc., Geldar also has some other parties that often wander into Elintoran territory and sabotage their logistics, attacks their caravans, patrols, and peasants. There are Geldar scouting parties, made up of a number of Geldarin Scouts, led by at least one Forest Warden. Another party is the Geldarin Infantry Contingent, led by Geldarin Foot Knights along with some Infantry. There are also Geldarin War Parties, made up of mixed Geldarin high-tier units. The last is the Geldarin Ranger party, which is made up entirely of Geldarin Rangers.




  • Lior


A Geldar quest is given by Sidhethon (one of the Geldar's top nobles or maybe even their leader) in Forniron. The quest is to take over the Elintoran capital, Forniron. It can be done as a vassal in a faction other than Elintor or as the ruler of the new kingdom. Upon completion, Sidhethon will give a Darkforest Ranger Bow and 50 Geldar Nobles.