Tempe, Arcady, Nettlemist
Sieges with

The streets of Forniron

Forniron is the capital city of Elintor. It is held by Queen Arwen at the start of the game.


Its villages are Tempe, Arcady, and Nettlemist.


Besieging Forniron requires the construction of siege ladders.


Forniron produces:

  • Ale
  • Bread
  • Leatherwork
  • Oil
  • Pottery
  • Smoked Fish
  • Tools
  • Velvet
  • Wine
  • Wool Cloth


The Guild Master for Forniron can be found by going through the entrance to the town and then the first archway straight ahead. The Guild Master is standing next to a table of pottery to the left of the player.

Quests Edit

In the Forniron tavern, the player will meet Sidhethon, who will provide them with a quest to take Forniron in the name of the Geldar elves. 

In addition to Sidhethon, there is an Adventurers Guildsman who will provide a few beginner quests. The rewards are paltry, but make fair start-up money for a low-level player.

If you proceed to the court, you will find Minor Noble Ulthidir, who will set you on a quest to exterminate the Geldar. Realistically, this amounts to killing an army of Geldar elves called 'Kalrind's Band', which is a wide assortment of around 150 Geldar troops. For larger parties, this is a useful 7000 aurums worth work.

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