Foreign Grunt

Foreign Grunt

The Rafkla Clan(Foreign Invaders)
Weekly Wages
15 aurums
Acquire From
Rescued Prisoners
Upgrades To
Foreign Invader

Overview Edit

Tactics Edit

Upgrades Edit

  • Foreign Invader

Stats and Abilities Edit

  • Level: 20
  • Health: 57
  • Experience: 81316
Stat Points
STR 16
AGI 11
Weapon Type Proficiency Weapon Type Proficiency
One Handed Weapons 140 Two Handed Weapons 140
Polearms 140 Archery 60
Crossbows 60 Throwing 60
Skill Points Skill Points
Ironflesh 3 Power Strike 3
Power Throw 1 Power Draw 0
Shield 1 Athletics 2
Riding 1 Horse Archery 1

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