Emir Grasullah
Starting Information
Kingdom Drahara
Title Vassal
Gender Male
Age 82
Personality Cunning
Household Troops None
Unique Template Yes
Fullview Grasullah

Emir Grasullah is a vassal of Sultan Yusuf al-Salah of Drahara.
Emir Grasullah is the head of his own League of Draharan Shadow Assassins who follow him everywhere and are the only soldiers he has by default in his army.
He's is also rumored to be incredibly old, but whether this is true or not, he remains one of the most powerful lords in the world of Perisno, alongside Baron Gereon and Herzog Oskar.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game Emir Grasullah owns Tabranpadan Castle.

Skills Edit

Emir Grasullah is one of the strongest, most agile and intelligent lords in the world of Perisno, an extremely proficient fighter and an exceptionally skilled person in general.

Skills Grasullah

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