Dreaded Nightmare
The deadly war party summoned by the Demon Worshippers, they are the spawn of death and the direct servant of the Dreaded One, their initial spawns are always in large number (around 200-400 units). Their strongest unit is the Dreaded Doomguards and are the commanders of the Dreaded One's army. The Dreaded Fiends are high ranked units of the army and only answers to Doomguards command. The Ghouls are the foot soldier of the army and strong enough to face the top ranked soldier of the major faction army. The Fallens are the weakest unit, however they are not an easy target as they can maul mid-high tier warriors. It is better to bring mass number of cavalry to face them but do not take them lightly even with it. Blunt weapons also will not be able to knock them out so there's no way to take them prisoners and recruit them.

Troop Composition Edit

Dreaded One

Dreaded Doomguard

Dreaded Fiend

Dreaded Ghoul

Dreaded Fallen

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