• Lonely0Wolf

    First of all, as a Chinese, I have different views.

    To be honest, the background is a bit of a mess, if it is said
    Elyin (the original mahogany) (321 years)
    Perry Snow (unknown year) (player kingdom is no longer available)
    The emperor's Empire (330 years of the era)
    (328 years of the era)
    Malaysia (346 years of the era)
    Della chatting (359 years)
    De la Chic (363 years of the era)
    Confederation of Caicos (unknown year)
    These are the years when every country came to Perry Snow or known.
    In fact, it was a few years, for example, in the legend that the falcons led to the growth of landann farmers, machai blacksmith and Drace Empire merchants, but the age was 340, and Drace had not landed.
    There is also this "era 350 years, the trouble came after the death…

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  • Sir Madijeis of Praven

    Wow, this got started pretty quickly. I'm happy of that, but enough small talk. 

    I noticed that you guys used Elven Language for the Elintor. Can't tell which one, but I thnk the Falcon should get Quenya (because they're basically Gondor). So either make both Quenya (the first Falconian Lords were Elves as far as I can remember) or maybe make the Elves other languages such as Sindarin of Noldorin.

    With that said, there's nothing wrong with locations having different names. The ideal is to give every location a native tongue name and from there work out one that can be used in a sort of "Common Tongue" (bloody hell, Tolkien you really got us all, have ya?). Border locations should have more names, I noticed all the various names to the Halfit…

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  • Penguin6969

    Can't find book merchants

    February 15, 2018 by Penguin6969

    I keep asking travellers where to find book merchants, but I never seem to find them in taverns, do I need to go to a special place in the city? Help!

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  • Duongduyha

    I got some ScreenShots and Some Info about "How to get Golden SunBlade in Perino 0.8?". 

    _ I found "Golden SunBlade" in Mystic Merchant Today( 2017, Dec 1 ). It's very Extremly Rare (I only got 1 chance in 4 month play perisno with hundred visiting Mystic Merchant  Everday).

    _ I dont know about it can get buff like "Rusty", "Balanced" or Not.  

    _ Combat details:

     + Best in vs Mount combat (specially vs Elephant or Dragon) .

     + Nice with Outdoor . but very poor with Indoor  .

     + Rush combat is amazing , Defend is just normal.

     + Realy COOL looking!!!

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  • VeryCrazyFox


    July 24, 2017 by VeryCrazyFox

    I keep buying maps, and then try to inspect them in my camp menu, but they keep blowing away with the wind. question being, how do I make good use of those maps? I don't understand what to do anymore :(

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  • Beli Dabar


    April 6, 2017 by Beli Dabar

    Hello people,find one exploit in quest for strange rapier...when you need to go back to Arendal to speak with weapons enthusiast to finish the quest,he will ask to hold rapier,when you do that quest is finish and you got can repeat that unlimited times and you will always get 2000xp.

    I hope devs will fix this,in other hand you folks can get free xp :)

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  • Data The Android


    March 31, 2017 by Data The Android

    Hi im relatively new to this forum but have been playing this for a long time. Im looking for someone to explain a few concepts of the mod.

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  • Meganoob6

    I was playing as an Geldarian noble for awhile, and then I attempted to besiege a city; and then, it struck me. A salvo of arrows that physically pushed me back to the point where I literally could not move without my shield out. After failing miserably, I decided to make a character with a few hundred thousand strength and 1500~ Agility, to see what would happen, for shits and giggles. The result; I was again, unable to move. My high-tiered Geldarin army was instantly cut down, and I sat there looking stupidly at my screen. After sitting there, staring at the screen for what I percieved to be eons, I thought "Hey, what if I moved with the 1500+ agility I had given the character". Brilliant, right? Well, after some difficulty and 2-3 broke…

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  • Sir Madijeis of Praven

    In Perisno, there are Native Quests, Legendary Quests and Ordinary Perisno Quests. The 1st ones are covered on the main M&B wiki, the 2nd ones are present in the wiki but not the 3rd ones. With Ordinary Perisno Quests I mean the Bounties and the other quests that don't give you a special item at the end but are uniqur to this mod. Should we make a new page or edit the already-existant Quest page?

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  • ChoFlo22



    How do I get to it???

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  • ChoFlo22

    Game won't load properly

    February 6, 2017 by ChoFlo22

    Whenever i play perisno the letters are gone and it's all just wierd shapes and omegas. I can click on 2 of them: one leads to an unclickable options menu (I cant get out), and thte other loads up a blank screen with blank buttons that doesn't do anything. I'm using a mac, I redownloaded perisno 19 times and I have uninstalled then reinstalled mount and blade 4 times.


    _ _ _   . . .   _ _ _

    (morse code for SOS)

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  • Mindeveler

    Yeeeeah, just earning the badge. :)

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  • AmorphousBadger

    Start as Ruler

    February 3, 2017 by AmorphousBadger

    I just wanted to put out an idea, maybe the devs could add in a feature to start as a ruler, similar to the system in VC?

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  • SAWNo1


    November 15, 2016 by SAWNo1

    Commoner Town I defeated the Zann Dynasty so their Emperor joins my nation. So of course I give him a Town and some castles and then he becomes part of Commoners. So I would like to declare war on them and take back my lands. There is no option to do so, now there is a part of the map I can't conquer and makes it annoying to want to declare war on the Northern Nations. Anyone know a way around that to get them to fight me or just deal with it?

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  • Abot727

    Aesthetic overhauls

    February 7, 2016 by Abot727

    I've just finished revamping the wiki's main page in the style of the native Mount and Blade Wiki . I think the new format looks more organized and it is easier to get to some of the information pages without having to search around for them. I am also redoing the achievement names and thumbnails in Perisno style, which should be done shortly.

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  • Jax Hathor

    Can someone help me?

    January 23, 2016 by Jax Hathor

    I have just loaded Perisno and something weird has happened. It would seem that names of my companions have changed, along with my units. For example, Kara is now called Tylen and my Crusader is now a Masnerian Household guard. I also now have third atanon guards and third companion cavalry, but i dont know what they were before. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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  • Flameroran77


    January 12, 2016 by Flameroran77

    Yeah, so like I predicted, I forgot about my list pretty quickly. It looks like people managed to create some basic pages for the troops I'd mentioned before, so I guess my focus now should be on minor factions, particularly mercenaries. Not a single Mercenary troop page, so probably a good place to start.

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  • Flameroran77

    To do list.

    July 17, 2015 by Flameroran77

    A list of things I plan to do to make this wiki great, just in case anyone else wants to pick up my slack when I forget instantly.

    - Create a more standardized format for faction/military pages. - Create pages for the following troops: Kingdom of Tolrania: Tolranian Recruit, Tolranian Footman, Tolranian Bowman, Tolranian Longbowman, Tolranian Veteran Longbowman, Tolranian Archer, Tolranian Veteran Footman, Tolranian King's Guard, Tolranian Hacker, Tolranian Headhunter. Maccavia: Maccavian Freeman, Maccavian Axeman, Maccavian Footman, Maccavian Swordsman, Maccavian Swordsmaster, Maccavian Northguard, Maccavian Crossbowman, Maccavian Heavy Crossbowman, Maccavian Marksman, Maccavian Heavy Marksman, Maccavian Mounted Marksman, Maccavian Spearma…

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  • Zonnows


    August 15, 2014 by Zonnows

    Okay, so ive been running into a problem with perisno. I have no idea why this happens. The game will be running PERFECTLY. then when i go to battle an army, it suddenly Crashes. Im using the .611 patch, and i have NO IDEA why this happens. Can anyone help me with this? 


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  • Zonnows


    August 2, 2014 by Zonnows

    Okay Ladies and Gents of the Perisno Wiki. I am calling to you to help me in something. We need to work on getting more and more pages to make this wiki have more and more information. WE CAN DO THIS. Im not saying to get everything done now. We cant do that, BUT we can try to get as much done as possiable. We need to get items list, for armours, weapons, goods, and horses. We need to get the lord and back stories of Companions. We need to get the lord of lords, and what they do/how they act. there is much much more, but that is the basics we need to get done. start by comming here . 

    Thanks, and if you need any help, ask me. 

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  • Abot727

    Next Project

    January 25, 2014 by Abot727

    Creating an item page! For all weapons, armor, horses, and other items in Perisno.

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