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Aegis is the only legendary shield in Perisno. It belongs to the Red Immortals of the Old Hakkon Empire.

Stats Edit


Weight: 4.0

Resistance: 50

Size: 90

Speed rating:94

Quest Edit

To acquire it you must complete the quest given to you by the crazy man in the tavern in Grund. The quest involves a fight against a mid-sized (Reports vary between 40 and 80) group of extremely tough melee enemies with shields, so it is advisable to have either an army of your own or a fast horse and a lance. The immortals frequently carry javelins, but they run out quickly and are fairly easy to dodge. Also there is a low chance of the Dreaded One dropping the Aegis shield after defeating him. Nevertheless as the Dreaded One possesses one of the most powerful minor faction armys, if not the most powerful, the player is advised to attempt the Red Immortal quest instead. Edit

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